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off a ski lift 45 feet, only to survive. watch this. >> dude! >> where did he fall? >> we're not going to show you him falling. >> that's brainless! [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry,ou greg. it's not gruesome enough four. but you'll be pleased to know he survived only with a concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung and a lacerated liver. let's hope it's not me this weekend. >> stay in the lounge. bob? >> sorry. i madelo this report before that my brother, graham, is starring in a role with bill o'reilly's movie, "killing lincoln." here is a shot showing my brother.
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>> now he belongs to the ages. >> okay. bob, i think that's amazing! that's your brother, like when you watch that, how does it make you feel? >> he's now with the >> people don't know what he looks like.t >> obviously. >> he doesn't look like that 'cause they put a beard on him. my brother has been on lots b ae lots of movies. >> "l.a. confidential." >> he was a stensler. >> he's a character actor. you wouldn't know him 'til you saw him.n' >> how is "lincoln" not your favorite movie? >> that's a different one. >> that's it for us. thanks for watching. have a great week. this is a fox news alert a. wild and chaotic day at the
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daytona international speedway after two crashes during the nationwide race, including this one. on the final lap moments before the end of the race, cellularson's car sailing into the fence that separates the track from the grand stands. he managed to escape from his car afterwards, but his accident set off a chain reaction with reports of at least ten cars crashing into each other. large chunk attention of debris flew into the stands, injuring fans. but we don't know how many were injured. emergency workers are being stretchers into the crowd to care for the injured. shortly before that crash, there was another accident involving 13 cars. this one happening with five laps remaining in the race. tony stewart won the race by maneuvering around the wreckage but did not celebrate afterwards. we'll bring you more details on this crash coming up later in this show. >> and we're glad you're with us. welcome to another brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters.
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i'm rick folbaum. >> i'm arthel neville. also topping the news, new threats out of iran, the rogue regime announcing plans to expand its nuclear program after discovering a vast new supply of uranium deposits. >> plus, battle ground usa. serious new questions about the u.s. drone program as the government announces a broad extension of mini drones right here at home. >> and pain at the pump. you take look at what caused u.s. gas prices to go up every day for 36 straight days and is the mystery streak over yet? we'll take a look. >> a major showdown brewing in washington over looming forced spending cuts set to kick in march 1. as the clock ticks down, both sides are blaming each other for failing to break the stalemate. >> the fact is republicans in congress right now will provide the flexibility to make the necessary spending reductions and address our deficit and debt instead of going through the
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sequester. in fact, house republicans have already passed two bills to replace the president's sequester. >> these cuts don't have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little compromise. they can pass a balanced plan for deficit reduction. they can cut spending in a smart way and close wasteful tax loopholes for the well off and well connected. >> molly henneberg is live in washington with the latest. molly? >> hi, arthel. there are no overt signs that a compromise is in the works to avoid the $85 billion in federal spending cuts that are set to kick in on friday, march 1. barring a budget deal between the white house and congress. the president insists any last minute deal has to include more tax hikes, as well as spending cuts, and the white house is chiding republicans for not going along with that. >> not seeing much interest at this point from republican leaders in engaging in a discussion about how we can move
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forward with a balanced package. the line they keep drawing in the sand is, i don't care what the public says. i don't care who is hurt by it. our position, the republican position is cuts only. >> republicans say americans have been already hit enough with enough tax increases, including at the beginning of this year when the gop agreed to go along with the president and allow certain bush era tax cuts to expire. now republicans say they're ready to compromise on where and how federal spending is cut. they don't want more tax hikes and they're challenging the president to explain why he is not reaching out more to congress in order to get a deal. >> the question is, why won't he work with us? and the answer quite simply is because he wants higher taxes. but the right way to address our deficit and debt and get past the sequester is not higher taxes or just better spending control. it's by creating jobs, growing
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the economy and expanding the tax base. >> president obama will be taking his message on the road next week to a virginia shipbuilding operation. virginia, with its massive defense industry, would be hit hard by the spending cuts. arthel. >> molly henneberg live from washington. thanks. >> as the u.s. faces its own economic problem, britain's economy is facing a serious new setback. moody's, the credit rating agency, announced the first ever downgrade of the u.k.'s pristine credit rating by a notch, blaming weak growth and political turmoil for throwing its deficit reduction plan off course. david ram con says he has full confidence in his finance minister, george osborne, despite criticism that their debt strategy is failing to deliver, britain now joining the u.s. and france in having lost its triple a rating from at least one major agency. serious new concerns out of iran asment country's powerful revolutionary guard begins new
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military exercises, at the same time iranian scientists announcing plans to build at least a dozen more nuclear power plants. conner powell has more from our middle east bureau. >> iran announced it found a new large uranium deposit which if true, would triple the size of their known supply. under the current sanctioned regime, iran is not allowed to import uranium, so a find this size would be a massive amount. tehran claims it's for peaceful civilian purposes. this announcement comes as tensions between the islamic republic and the west continue to escalate. iranian state tv said the country has started three days of military drills with the goal to improve the nation's combat readiness. video shows iranian tanks and troops attacking staged enemy positions. israel and the u.s. accuse iran of trying to build a nuclear weapon.
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israel has even hinted it might strike iran to prevent that. diplomats from america, britain, france and germany are all scheduled to meet with iranian leaders this week to discuss its nuclear program and those tough economic sanctions. but few have much in the way of hope that there will be some breakthrough during these talks because neither side is offering anything particularly new. >> conner powell reporting from our middle east bureau, thank you. u.s. senator ron widen is calling for an investigation into toxic waste that is leaking at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site. the leaks raising new concerns with clean-up efforts and safety at the hanford reservation. the governor traveled to dc to talk about the problem with the feds. he says the leaking material poses no immediate threat because it could take years to reach ground water. but he does admit he was shocked to hear about the magnitude of the problem. >> the disturbing news, the secretary chiou advised me that we have six confirmed leaking
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single shell tanks at the hanford site and not one, maybe more? and that evaluation will need to be completed in the upcoming days. so that is the disturbing news. >> so far monitoring wells near hanford have not detected any high radioactivity levels. we have new information on an international custody battle between russia and the u.s. russia demanding the return of a two-year-old boy, he and his brother were adopted by a texas couple, but the boys' older brother, seen here, was found dead at their home last month under suspicious circumstances. molly line has more from new york city. >> russian lawmakers and officials are expressing some outrage following the january death of his three-year-old russian adoptee in texas, demanding the boy's little brother be returned to his homeland. max shadow and his two-year-old brother christopher were adopted
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last year by a couple of garden dale. max died on january 21, but exactly how remains under investigation pending occupy results. the sheriff's office said the mother claims the boys were outside in the yard playing unattended when she later discovered max lying unconscious. he was transferred to a local hospital where he later died. texas child welfare authorities are involved here. they're monitoring the family and the younger brother remains at home with his adoptive parents. reaction in russia to the death has been extreme with some russian officials accusing the texas mom of murder before they tempered their statement. the u.s. embassy in moscow released a statement warning it would be irresponsible to draw conclusions about the death or assign guilt before autopsy results are analyzed and an investigation is carried out. the u.s. state department is urging patience. >> let me underscore that it is a terrible tragedy that this child has died. but none of us, not here, not
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anywhere in the world, should jump to a conclusion about the circumstances until the police have had a chance to investigate. there have been very strong assertions made from moscow. we're going to wait until the investigation is complete. >> this tragedy comes just after a law banning adoptions of russian children by american citizens passed in russia late last year. russian officials cited the deaths of 19 russian children adopted by americans as a main reason for the ban. but u.s. officials saw it as retaliation for a bill passed targeting officials for human rights abuses. >> thank you very much. a major development in the oscar pistorius murder case. the foreof pistorius' girl friend speaking out, saying the athlete will, quote, have to live with his conscience if he's lying about how his daughter died. pistorius admits to shooting 29-year-old reeva steenkamp, but denies it was murder. he says that he mistook her for an intruder. pistorius, who appeared several
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times in court visibly distraught this week, is now free on bail. his next court hearing is set for june 4. extreme weather alert. the northeast is prepping for a third straight weekend digging out. the same deadly storm that slammed the midwest earlier this week now moving into the region. it has much of new england bracing for snow, sleet and rain. some parts could see as much as seven inches of fresh powder. maria molina live with more. maria? >> hi. good to see you and that's right, we're talking about more snow across portions of new england, especially the interior, southern section of that region of the country because that's what we're looking at. not just seven or eight inches, but possibly even a foot of snow in some of those areas. please be safe out there throughout the weekend. we're expecting the snow to continue tonight and even into tomorrow. i want to point out that on the southern end of the storm system, we do have the tail end of the front that's continuing to produce very heavy rain
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across southern parts of georgia and the florida panhandle. there's a flooding concern here. so we're keeping an eye on that as well. a slight chance that some of these storms in here could actually produce some severe weather. but it will be isolated. but again, keeping an eye on that. otherwise now, winter weather advisories in effect across maine, new hampshire, massachusetts, connecticut. this is where we're talking about not just snow, but even a little mix at times of freezing rain could be possible. you're talking about slippery conditions across this region. and as we head westbound over the last several days, we talked about a big winter storm that impacted the central plains, dumping record snowfall out here and yet again, another storm system is going to develop, producing up to a foot or even more snow here across portion of kansas, oklahoma. we already have winter storm watches in effect and even blizzard watches across portions of kansas. many of you still digging out across this region and as we head into monday and also into tuesday, we're expecting more significant snow across the center of the country before the
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storm eventually pulls into portions of the great lakes as we head into tuesday and also wednesday. but i want to show temperatures as we head into tomorrow across the southeast. possible record heat in florida, miami, 86 degrees could be your high temperature. some models point to go a little warmer at 88 in miami tomorrow. >> unbelievable. some of those poor people can't catch a break. thank you very much. >> thanks. as we've been telling you, a terrifying finish at daytona today. a massive wreck sending a car flying into the fence, right in front of the grand stands. there are reports of fans being injured. we are moments away, we're told prosecute a news conference out of daytona beach to find out what happened. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it starts. >> heather: republican senator accusing president obama of using scare tactics over what will happen if forced spending cuts kick in next week. some powerful republicans disagree. >> balderdash. it's untrue.
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>> rick: busy saturday. let's get you caught up. time for the headlines.
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ten-car pileup in the final lap of a nationwide series race at daytona international speedway. one car sent flying off the track. there are fans who were injured. we'll have an update coming up. five laps earlier, a 13-car smashup sent a driver to the hospital. also a vatican spokesperson slapping media reports claiming the pope's resignation is link to do a scandal over leaked church documents. the pentagon grounding fighter jets, the most expensive weapons system after maintenance crews found a cracked engine blade in one of the fighters. >> arthel: we're going to tell you again about that crash from daytona coming up. but right now let's get to politics. the obama administration issuing dire warnings on what will happen if automatic spending cuts take place on march 1. now, on tuesday, president obama said public safety would be hurt by making it harder for first responders like police,
3:20 pm
firefighters to handle emergencies. and yesterday transportation secretary ray lahood warned that air traffic control towers would be shut down, causing delays for travelers across the country. speaking yesterday on fox news, republican senator rand paul accused president obama of using, quote, mystery ontics to make his case. >> the sequester is a slow down in the rate of growth of government. it's the least we can do. our country is drowning in a sea of debt borrowing $50,000 a second. we have to slow down spending and for the president to use this mystery ontics is really beneath the office of the presidency. >> arthel: let's bring in a form campaign aide and white house aide to president george w. bush and bernard whitman, former pollman to president clinton and author of "52 reasons to vote for obama." good to see both of you. dede, i want to ask you if you feel that the president is
3:21 pm
highlighting the human factor of these forced spending cuts by having the first responders behind him at that press conference or do you find rand paul's comments with total -- valid? >> i kind of think it's more like it's oscar weekend and you've got or goh and "lincoln" and then the show by president obama. lining everyone up, it really is just show and for effect. >> arthel: isn't that what they do? isn't that what presidents do? he's saying people are going to lose jobs and if not job, they'll lose lots of hours. >> we're going to lose everything if we don't start cutting spending. this isn't even enough. not only should we be for sequester, it should be super sequester. these were his cuts. these were the cuts he wanted. i have to agree with the tsa cuts. that's a good one. we should privatize that because that was a disas prosecutor the beginning. >> arthel: bernard, i want to ask you then if you feel that some of these points that rand paul, if they're making, if they're valid or perhaps they're
3:22 pm
hidden hissryonics on his part and this is premature election posturing on his part. >> you know the gop has a problem with rand paul is a spokesperson who is so far to the right of his own party let alone the american people. here are the facts, the facts are the republicans lost the election. we had a year and a half -- >> arthel: okay. we know that. we don't want to hear all of that. >> the american people, three quarters of them, 76% want a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases to balance the budget. and to avoid these terrible sequester spending cuts. 56% of republicans also agree that the best way to deal with deficit reduction are ballooning budget is to have a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases. it seems that the only people in the united states that do not understand that a comprehensive integrated way to balance the approach is necessary is the leadership in congress. >> arthel: so are you saying then that the president then by having those first responders, that he's saying, listen, congress is not listening to me.
3:23 pm
don't want to hear what i'm saying. i'm going to talk directly to the people? >> it's about getting real. let's understand. you have $85 billion of cuts going into effect in less than a week -- >> arthel: bernard, listen to my question. i asked you, do you feel then that the president is -- because he thinks that congress -- >> he's showing reality. he's showing what is going to happen instead of just all of this mindless chatter about trying to protect certain interests and o avoid -- >> that's what we get is mindless chatter from both sides. we have a huge spending problem. for god's sake -- >> arthel: we know all that, so let me ask you this, if the gop is saying listen, the drama won't solve the problem, then i ask you, how do you think the president can approach this with the cuts or dot republicans have a better way to avoid this happening come march 1? >> if they can get together and come up with a compromise, so be it. let the sequester happen. this isn't even enough cuts.
3:24 pm
they're not the right cuts. >> arthel: why do you want to have the sequester? >> because we have to start spending cuts. >> arthel: do you care about americans who will be hurt? >> absolutely. we're all being hurt now. >> arthel: these lawmakers in washington should be there to solve the problem and not let this get to this 11th hour. >> but they're not. so you know what? at least it's something. you have to start somewhere. >> it is a third grade way to short cut and avoid dealing with the very challenges that we have. the american people made very clear they want their representatives to come together. i fully endorse using simpson bowles as a starting offpoint. that's the deficit reduction plan put together two years ago. we ought to use that as a way, benchmark to start actually enacting spending cuts and increase which is is what the economy needs. >> right now we're just taxing, taxing, taxing -- >> arthel: right now, i'm not taking sides here, i'm just reading some notes here, that
3:25 pm
the obama and the senate democrats want to ultimately replace these cuts with the blend of cuts and tax revenue through closing loopholes. >> that doesn't mean -- >> we need to close the loop holes. but we've got to start cutting. we've heard congress talk about it forever. nothing happened. people just want action. >> arthel: where should the cuts come from, dd? let me tell you we've fox news poll that we took january 15 through 17 this year. last month, and we were talking about government spending today. 83% of those polled say that it's out of control. and only 11% say it's managed carefully. where should those cuts come from? >> i think across the board. i think everyone needs to be trimmed. fat cats in dc, it's unbelievable how much it ballooned and how much of a deficit we have. cut across the board. cut, cut. if sequester is where we start, so be it. hopefully that's not the case. >> the fact is, that is taking a meat cleaver for a sledge hammer to the budget is not the proper way to do this. we still have investments, we
3:26 pm
have to protect the way we travel through the air and make sure first respond railroads able to get there. so we have to cut. do we have to make serious cuts? absolutely. but to do it mindlessly because we can not get together and actually -- >> pick a number. cut across the board everywhere. everybody foods to be dealing with this right now. we're going through to a sequester if something doesn't happen. at least it's something. >> what's going to get sequestered if this goes through are republican representatives in congress in 2014. you could lose the house on this alone. >> arthel: it's not about the politics. it's about the people is what i say. dd, bernard, thank you very much for a lively discussion. >> thank you. >> arthel: all right. rick? >> rick: thanks. we've been watching this story now developing for the better part of an hour out of daytona. vertebra drama on the track at daytona international and in the stands as a race today, a wild last lap wreck sending a car flying into the grand stands.
3:27 pm
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>> arthel: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. reports nascar fans injured at a race at the daytona international speedway today. a huge ten-car wreck sending one car flying into the stands in front of the grand stands. this happened just lap after another 13-car wreck. >> rick: iran prompting new fears after announcing plans to disband its nuclear program after a discovery of vast uranium deposits. this comes amid a range of new military exercises and just days ahead of a new round of nuclear
3:32 pm
talks. >> arthel: and preparations are underway for tomorrow's 85th annual academy awards. the oscars, several streets and sidewalks surrounding the venue have been closed off as crews work to set everything up. >> rick: all right. gas prices, let's talk about them now. they are soaring to record levels for this time of year. a month ago the national average was 3.32 a gallon. today it's up 46 cents to 3.78. that's a rate we don't typically see until we get closer to the summer driving season. jonathan is portfolio manager at capitallic hedge fund. good to see you. why is this happening? >> great to be with you. it's a number of factors, as you pointed out. the rise has been really quite dramatic. forty-five cents in a month's time is the fastest spike in gas price we've seen in almost six years and it comes down to, for my estimation, supply and the fear about supply. the supply both in crude oil, which is a major pricing
3:33 pm
component of gasoline and the refined gas product itself. we've got a number of refiners which have been either closed or been under repair as of late. a lot of the major oil producers, saudi arabia, producing less oil. and the regulatory fears take projects like the keystone xl pipeline here at home, all those factors working together to push prices up. you've also got the fear of supply. we talked about some of the uncertainty in the middle east between iran, egypt and syria. a lot of fear that where much of that oil comes from, the supply might not be there. >> rick: folks are used to seeing prices go up as we get closer to summer, but we're still in the wintertime. these prices are spiking a lot earlier than they have in the past. why? >> indeed. we're used to a spike, as you pointed out, in the midst of the summer driving season. we're not there at all. one of the factors, too, that many analysts are talking about. and this might be the glass half empty approach, could be the stronger than expected demand. when demand goes up in the economy, when the economy begins
3:34 pm
to strengthen, we oftentimes will see gas and oil prices move up as well. so although the economic numbers are still extraordinarily weak, they are up from those rock bottom levels and a lot of analysts saying that's helping put a little bit of a bid in oil prices as well. but you're right, we're not used to seeing oil prices spike this high, this fast. rick what, could be an even more worrisome sign is that although these prices seem so high to us, they've just kept pace with inflation over time. these price now, 3, $4, we consider to be high, this might be the new norm when it comes to gasoline in america. >> rick: that's crazy. the average person can't go and spend 60, 70 bucks to fill up their gas tank once a week or whenever they have to. something's got to give. >> well, we just might see the usage give. oftentimes when we see gas prices go up, consumers respond in not only in buying more fuel efficient cars, but also in driving less. that could be one of the net
3:35 pm
effects you could see of higher gas prices. it wasn't too long ago when we called $50 a barrel the height, the top for oil. now $100 a barrel being essentially the norm. so this could be a brave new era in the days of 2.50 a gallon could be long gone. >> rick: the ripple effect gets felt all overt economy, right? >> indeed. it's oftentimes considered to be a tax on the economy. what's most difficult is that it's felt by the folks on the lower end of the income strata, folks on fixed income. that's who it hurts the most, folks just trying to get by. it's cliche to say, but these higher oil prices are having a significant effect not only on the economy, but on everyday folks just trying to get to work, bring their kids to school and live lives. >> rick: jonathan, always good to see you. thanks so much.
3:36 pm
>> thank you. >> arthel: we want to get back down to our top story, that massive pileup at the daytona speedway. cellularson's car crashed into the fence that separates the track from the spectators. sending debris into the stand and reportedly injuring some of the fans. joining me on the phone is a representative from a health center there. we understand that chunks of car went flying into the stands. can you tell me how many fans have been brought to the hospital there and do you know the state of their injuries? >> we have received 11 patients from the daytona international speedway in relation to the incident that happened there. we have 11. we have six brought here with trauma-remitted injuries. >> arthel: trauma related injuries. can you expound on that? do we know much more about those injuries? >> right now, they're still really being -- (inaudible).
3:37 pm
>> arthel: byron, i think we're having a little bit of trouble with your cell phone connection there. we're going to clear that up and get back to you. that was byron cogdel with the halifax health center telling me 11 people were brought there from that crash at the daytona international speedway, six of them with traumatic injuries. we'll get him back as soon as we can, get the audio fixed. >> rick: switching gears, hollywood prepares for its biggest night of the year, local activists are hoping to use some of the spotlight on the event to draw attention to the plight of this man, he's the pakinstani doctor who helped the u.s. find osama bin laden. dominic is live in l.a. with the story. hi. >> hey there. it's tomorrow's moment in the spotlight for the "zero dark thirty" team that a beverly hills businessman and his wife want to see used to cast attention on the doctor, the man these campaigners say was
3:38 pm
abandoned by the u.s. after osama bin laden was killed. he was the man the c.i.a. used to verify bin laden's location in pakistan. he had been locked up and tortured by the authorities there for helping the u.s. the couple says the celebrities who step out sunday night on the red carpet should go up to accept their awards should call for the release of him and recruit the public's support. take a listen. >> look at that and say, how do we ignore it? how do we go out and party and celebrate and have fun over a production and a movie that, you know, that pictured or demonstrate what had this man did and feel good about ourselves when he's rot not guilty a jail cell? and all somebody has to do on a stage is say, free afridi. >> last night hi pre-oscar party, they handed out blue awareness ribbons and say actors
3:39 pm
and producers from films like "django unchained" and "silver linings playbook" will listen to their pleas. earlier, the couple ran a full page ad in the hollywood reporter urging hollywood to play its part as being their response from the "zero dark thirty" team, that's most likely due to them having been burned so badly by politicians in washington over the movie's controversial depiction of the c.i.a.'s waterboarding program. they say if the producers help afridi, that will be a positive thing to come out of the movie. >> rick: dominic, thanks. >> arthel: it may not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner and that means getting your home in order and today's consumer segment, the best household products to help you whip your place into shape. >> rick: also new report raising eyebrows, showing americans may start to see mini drones in the skies over their homes. a look at efforts to put more eyes in the skies, coming up [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
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>> arthel: welcome back. egypt tweaking its election calendar so voters won't have to hit the polls over easter weekend. president morsi moving up the start of parliamentary elections and avoiding a fight with the christian minority party which had criticized the timing. voters will now start casting ballots on april 22, five days earlier than originally scheduled. >> rick: the drone debate, turning domestic now, while americans are aware of drone strikes overseas, a new report is raising eyebrows as the u.s. expects to expand use of mini drones inside our borders. susan is at usc, she's a fox news contributor and this is complicated, susan, because polls show most americans are in favor of the government using drone strikes to hit terrorists abroad, but more and more now
3:45 pm
we're hearing about domestic use of drones. even by local law enforcement agencies. >> yeah. it's very complicated. i mean, there was a column that said if bush were doing this instead of obama, he'd be impeached already. i don't think that's quite true, but i think there is a little bit of a nixon goes to china aspect of the drone situation. i mean, there are truly people on the left, i think, who would be raising cane, except that it's their president, our president. but there is a line, rick, as you say, between the use overseas to target terrorists who are not american citizens in most cases, and what kind of procedures and safeguardses are going to be in place if they use these mini drones in your neighborhood or mine. >> rick: the john brennan, whose confirmation has been held up by a number of senators, he says
3:46 pm
the administration has no intention of carrying out drone strikes inside the u.s. but that doesn't exactly sound like a solid no to me. what do you think? >> well, i'd like to believe that's true and i expect that that's their feeling at this point. but as you pointed out, there are all these licenses being given out to first responders and local departments. it's not just the administration potentially, at least, that's going to have this weapon in its hands. so you have to ask yourself, okay. if they need a warrant to search my house and they generally need a warrant to tap my phone, what exactly do they need before they send a mini drone over to your house? it's something that's going to have to be carefully done and carefully put together to insure adequate safeguards. no one is in favor of terrorists getting away with anything. if we can save american lives
3:47 pm
and target terrorists, i think we're all for it, but we got to be careful. >> rick: this is where i want you to put on your law professor hat. as you mentioned, the faa has already granted some 327 licenses for these mini drones. the agency projects as many as 10,000 licenses by the year 2017. not so far away. law enforcement agencies say hey, these mini drones are not armed, so it's not like we're going to be able to send a missile into somebody's home. but we can use them for a number of good causes, like finding missing people, for example, or crowd control at big public convenience. so there are some innocuous uses, but at the same time, you see two sides coming together on this issue that you rarely see. and that's the aclu and the tea party who are on the same side of this issue who are worried about the use of these mini drones. >> well, yeah, because it's big brother. it's big government. first of all, you worry about privacy issues and you worry about who is making these
3:48 pm
decisions. and now you tell us they're not armed, but they have the technology that they could be armed. and i think libertarians are raising the same issues as some of the people on the left are and tea party folks, politics goes in a circle at some point. and the question is how much power should government have to poke its nose or its drone in your private life? i think that's where the rule of law has to come in. >> rick: are we going to see legal battles on these drones, people who are arrested as a result of surveillance that's captured by one of these drones in cases that could one day reach the supreme court do you think, susan? >> you certainly are. you're going to see it before they start using them. you're going to see people bringing challenges and asking and and demanding that procedural safeguards be used. you're going to see challenges where there is prosecutions that depend on photographs or other surveillance for drones. so i guess you can say that the only good news coming out of
3:49 pm
this debate as a law professor is more work for lawyers. [ laughter ] >> rick: all right. there will never be a shortage of work for lawyers, not in this country, anyway. susan, thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> rick: you can read her column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. >> arthel: more work for lawyers. more work for you. time to spruce am for spring. coming up, we have a complete breakdown on the hottest gadgets to help get your home into tiptop shape. this is formica, believe it or not. we'll show you everything when we come back lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
>> rick: i want to show you new still pictures coming in of the crash that took place today at daytona international speedway. these pictures really give you a sense of how bad this crash was. a multi car pileup with one of the cars slamming into a wall and parts of that automobile going into the stands. we've gotten reports live on our show that 11 people have been treated for injuries at a local hospital there. halifax hospital. that six of those injuries are serious trauma-type injuries. we're waiting for more information as well as a news conference on the crash. but we got these pictures and thought you might like to see them. we'll keep you posted on the very latest.
3:54 pm
>> arthel: we're switching gears. it's hard to believe that spring is almost with the better weather right around the corner, lots of people like to make all sorts of improvements to their home. >> rick: "consumer reports" checked out some of the best new products and coolest gadgets to put your home in tiptop shape. daniel is here. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> good to be here. >> arthel: we'll start with if we want to do upgrading to our bathroom. you have a shower that is a built in shower head with a built in speaker? >> yes, portable, pops in and out. blue tooth enabled. so any blue tooth enabled device, including my phone here, i can sync up to it. i like to get up to a tom petty in the morning. ♪ . >> rick: that's very cool. >> as the water comes out, so does the music. >> arthel: i like it.
3:55 pm
dancing in the shower. i love it! >> $200. >> rick: that's not bad. >> arthel: then you brought a touch screen dead bolt lock. >> touch screen technology. popping up all over the home. this brings the convenience to your front door. you simply tap in a four digit code and it is going to open and close. remote capability as well. so you can open and lock the door from the airport or from the office to make sure the door is locked. so real nice convenience there. also $200 and from schlage. >> rick: so if you knew i was coming over, you could lock it. >> arthel: or unlock it and let you come in and school something for me. >> rick: what is this here? >> formica. invented 100 years ago. this is their collection. very colorful.
3:56 pm
graphic patterns, sort of a nod back to the mid century. hay day of formica. it's alive today. this is for counter tops. but in any modern setting, it's going to look great. >> arthel: yeah, and it's durable. >> rick: we brought in the prices have been running on the bottom of the screen. this is a nice inexpensive way to put finishing on. >> about $12 per square foot. very inexpensive. >> arthel: this is vinyl? >> yeah. incredible. >> arthel: this is good. this is a tongue in groove mechanism. >> vinyl is great, affordable, durable. you have to glue it down. so installation can be a little messy. this clicks together. this is from lumber liquidators. it floats overt existing substrate. >> arthel: it's really good because it's durable. if you spill something on it, you can wipe it up.
3:57 pm
>> it's a little forgiving. this is a great product. >> arthel: it looks nice. >> rick: i bet it would look nice a room. >> arthel: okay. thanks. >> rick: this is cool. i like this. anybody that's got any kind of mp 3 player, gadget, you have all of these devices that have the usb. >> exactly. >> rick: who that what do we have here? n it's a regular outlet, but has two usb ports. so yeah, you don't have to worry about the adaptor, you can go right into the outlet. simple idea. >> arthel: that's very convenient. how many times are you looking for an outlet to plug in, blah, blah, it's right there. you need an electrician to install it? >> not so hard. you need to cut the power. but if you're fairly handy, you could probably get away with installing this yourself. >> arthel: can you do this? >> rick: nope. i call my buddy, the electrician. >> better safe than sorry.
3:58 pm
>> arthel: thank you. >> rick: good to he sue, thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> arthel: and that's going to do it for us. harris faulkner is coming around now with the fox report and we're expecting that news conference on the nascar crash in moments. harris will bring it to you. i'm arthel neville. he's rick folbaum. >> rick: take care, everybody the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
3:59 pm
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